The Pray family has owned Tumbledown Farm for nearly 50 years and is committed to creating a special and unique community that permanently preserves and honors the rural character of the natural landscape and it's surroundings. It has been a small-family farm since the late 1800’s and still has the original farmhouse with it's stone-foundation barn and silo. Over the years, large areas of the land became wooded and a network of footpaths emerged among the trees.

The development is focused on offering the best possible environment for your new home that will express your lifestyle while integrating into a naturally landscaped, neighborhood setting. 

Nationally acclaimed Conservation Design consultant, Randall Arendt, helped us create a high-quality, distinguished and sustainable development featuring trails, woods, meadows and sweeping views of the countryside.

The final phase of development has just been completed, adding 20 home sites to the 21 completed last year.  Lots have been selling briskly, but there are still several choice lots available with a variety of sizes, shapes and prices with fantastic views, adjacency to golf course, natural woods, and many with walk-out home design options.  Check-out the “layout” page to see what lots are available.


For further information, including pricing and availability, please contact Tommy Van Ess


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